BRB Separation Anxiety Network
BRB Separation Anxiety Network

Be Right Back! Network with Julie Naismith

Find owners near to you who understand separation anxiety and who can help share the care

About the Network

What is the BRB Separation Anxiety Network?

BRB Separation Anxiety Network connects owners who are happy to share the care of their separation anxiety dog. 

Hi there! I'm Julie Naismith, separation anxiety author, and expert. I formed this network because a key part of getting a dog over separation anxiety is finding a way not to leave your dog.

I've had so many clients, owners, and trainers ask me for this network and now it's here! My aim is to connect you with people who really understand separation anxiety. People who are just like you because they have a dog they can't leave.

How Does it Work?

BRB Network is a care-share network where owners trade care for each other's dogs. This network is not for you if you are looking for paid services. Equally, if you are offering paid services you can't advertise on this site. 

Join today and become one of the first 1,000 Founder Members and you'll get lifetime access for FREE!

Founder Member Pricing

First 1,000 members: FREE for life!
Next 1,000 members: $10 for lifetime membership
Next 3,000 members: $30 for lifetime membership

Founder member pricing is only available for a limited time or until we have the first 5,000 members on board.